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How I’ve managed to cope so well!

26 April 2018  |  Tamsin Kingsley

Something we hear a lot is people telling us how well we are coping. If I question this, it is usually followed up by something like ‘oh but you are, you’re doing so well/ I would be a complete mess in your situation/ I don’t know how you stay so strong’. Obviously, everyone means to be supportive and positive which I really appreciate, and often this has been a great encouragement. The strange thing is that I have been told how well I am coping both when I’m feeling...

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Did you know?

10 April 2018  |  Tamsin Kingsley

Down Syndrome. I sometimes feel this is the elephant in the room when I’m out and about with Izzy. Very few people mention it in conversation with me, and if I bring it up people can look a bit awkward or uncomfortable (I exclude my close friends and family from this). Perhaps they don’t see it as worth mentioning, since they just see my beautiful baby girl as being like any other child, albeit with a few health issues. Perhaps they don’t really know what to say...

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Tamsin Kingsley

Tamsin Kingsley

I am a 33 year old living in Leeds with my husband and two children. I am a full time mum and carer to Lauren, 7 years and typical, and Izzy, 5 years with Down's Syndrome. Izzy has complex health needs mostly due to her low muscle tone, and struggles with feeding and breathing, resulting in tons of appointments and hospital admissions. Both children are happy and full of life, and our family all love each other very much.

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