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IAQ 3 - Why doesn’t Izzy eat normally?

6 July 2018  |  Tamsin Kingsley

‘Is Izzy alright with grapes?’ a friend asked me this morning at play group. I turned round to see Izzy, clearly taking advantage of me being distracted with Lauren to try and shove someone’s abandoned half grape in her mouth. This is the kind of thing that happens regularly with a one year old. They find things, and on finding, the obvious thing to do seems to be to put it in their mouth. If the object is vaguely edible, most parents end up turning a blind eye...

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Tamsin Kingsley

Tamsin Kingsley

I am a 33 year old living in Leeds with my husband and two children. I am a full time mum and carer to Lauren, 7 years and typical, and Izzy, 5 years with Down's Syndrome. Izzy has complex health needs mostly due to her low muscle tone, and struggles with feeding and breathing, resulting in tons of appointments and hospital admissions. Both children are happy and full of life, and our family all love each other very much.

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